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Welcome! I’m Sassy Wyatt

About Sassy

Sassy is standing at makeup counter holding a bottle of pink setting spray. She's wearing a mask and looking down at the product.

Disability Awareness Consultant

“If society has an open mind and truly wants to be inclusive and as accessible as possible: marketing, travel, tourism boards and transport are where it starts.”

Almost 14.1 million people in the UK are registered with a disability. The Purple Pound, the term given to the disabled economy, globally is worth 8 trillion dollars. But barriers to access and daily discrimination mean that people with disabilities who want to spend their money on goods and services often lack the opportunity to do so.

Since 2018 Sassy has been approached by education sectors, businesses and brands as a consultant to make their products and services accessible and inclusive to all.

Sassy sits at a table In a coffee shop working on her macbook

Content Creator

Through her blog, Sassy has worked with charities, brands, newspapers and tourism boards since 2015 to empower others to be more disability confident and change the landscape of true inclusion and accessible tourism.

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Sassy and Ida are walking in an indoor shopping centre. They are looking to the left of the camera as they walk towards it. Ida has her harness on and Sassy is wearing a mask.


Sassy has worked with many brands and companies, to improve accessibility, Champion Inclusion for all and ultimately empowering them to be disability confident.

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